Wild Days in Greece

Now permanently domiciled on the little known Greek island of Kythnos, where he teaches his excellent fiction courses in beautiful surroundings, John Murray’s new blog is a sharply observed celebration of a writer’s new life in a place that “I often tell friends … is paradise, and I mean that too. I also say every day is like Christmas  Day and again there is no hyperbole. I instance the drive from the Hora capital (Kythnos Town) to the old capital Dhryopida aka Horio (The Village) where you have the islands of Serifos and Kea down below to your left. Of an early morning and late evening, an enormous solid pillar of golden sunlight spreads hallucinatorily all the way from Serifos to Kalo Livadhi on Kythnos. It looks as if you could easily walk or ride by horseback along that pillar between the two islands if you wanted. Tears to the eyes is the least of it, you feel as if you are there at the Birth of Time or you are there in the Odyssey, and that Homer is still alive and kicking somewhere.”

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In a brand new venture from 23 September, John Murray will be leading intensive, six-day writing courses on the beautiful Greek island of Kythnos, in the Cyclades.

A dedicated Hellenophile who has been exploring the Greek islands for decades, John has a house in the fishing village of Merihas, which will be the teaching base for each course, with accommodation arranged in the neighbouring Giannoulis Rooms.

For more information, visit www.writinginkythnos.com

A much belated (apologies) mention of John’s talk to Society of Authors Northern members, who met in Carlisle at the end of July for one of their regular socials. John talked with Clare Sambrook, author of Hide and Seek. Clare Dudman has a nice write-up (and a couple of shaky photos) of the event on her blog, Keeper of the Snails. Thanks to Clare and colleagues for organising the event.

On June 4th-5th in 2011 John Murray will be performing at The Flat Lake Festival, Clones, Co Monaghan, Ireland. The brainchild of novelist Patrick McCabe and Kevin Allen, it has live music and all sorts of performance events including literary ones. 2010 featured Shane Macgowan of The Pogues and novelist Anne Enright. 2011 so far has John Banville, Joe Queenan… and John Murray lined up.